A passion for independence

My mom thought she could never take a leap, have her own business, and follow her dreams. I watched her grapple with that from day one as a single mom with two kids and a full-time job. 

The ultimate rebel, I’m trying to prove that what she thought was impossible is possible. A woman can choose her own path. Take risks. Do what she wants. Create her own business and succeed. 

Every time you buy a piece of Kathy Frey jewelry, you are helping me to realize my dream of being an awesome, independent, creative woman. I haven’t always had the support of my mom (as you might guess, we are quite different people), so I truly couldn’t do it without you. 

You are also showing the world that you don’t fit the mold, because this ain’t no traditional gold and diamond jewelry here. I coax industrial materials into being pretty, elegant, artsy or unusual... whatever messages are being channeled in the studio to break the stereotypes of what’s beautiful. Or possible.

From the Studio:

  • Big News: sculptures are being unveiled at “The Real,” an Art Happening in Grass Valley, California on April 4. The sculptural art forms are based around wrapped wire construction yet also bring in welding, papier mache, and found objects like bones and rusty metal.
  • Riverstone Bangles can be plated in rhodium or gold for tarnish-free finishes. Contact Kathy for pricing.